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Worldox GX2 Technical Requirements

The Worldox GX2 Document Management System is installed directly on the computer that you are using as your file server. You will also need to designate a separate workstation-class machine as the Profile and Text Indexer.
File Server Requirements for Worldox GX2

Worldox GX2 does not require a dedicated file server. It simply needs one (or more) public drives mapped to a resource with sufficient disk space to hold the documents and the associated databases at each office.

The Worldox GX2 database overhead is approximately 25-35% of the profiled documents. For example, for every 100 MB of documents, Worldox GX2 may use up to an additional 35 MB to store and index associated profiles and text.

The Worldox GX2 databases must reside on the same resource (drive) as the documents. World Software recommends setting aside enough free disk space per managed resource to maintain at least five (5) years of additional documents.
Profile/Text Indexer Workstation Requirements for Worldox GX2

Worldox GX2 requires at least one Profile/Text indexer PC per office. Worldox GX2 indexers are standard workstation-class PCs. Their local disk requirements are for temporary space only; no permanent data is stored on an indexer. Most of today’s off-the-shelf workstations are sufficient to serve as an indexer.

Important Note: Your database build and update times correlate directly to the speed and resources of your indexer PC. If you have large data sets, Worldox Software recommends utilizing a more powerful PC for indexing.

Minimum recommended Profile/Text Indexer workstation specifications are:

* Processor: Pentium 4 (or higher). A Faster processors as well as Dual-Core Processor will provide max performance.
* Memory: 2 Gig of RAM Min.(4 Gig Recommended)
* Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professiona, Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7
* Free Local Disk Space: At least 50% of the disk size of the documents being indexed.
* Network Connection: 100 Mbps, connected directly to your network backbone

Workstation Requirements for Worldox GX2 Client Software

Worldox GX2 will run on virtually any PC that can run Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Worldox uses around 50 MB of local disk for application and temporary files. Please note the minimum workstation specifications for acceptable performance:

* Processor: Pentium III (or higher)
* Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7
* Memory: 1 Gig RAM or higher (XP) / 2 Gig MB of RAM or higher (Vista and 7)

Requirements for Worldox Web Mobile

Worldox/Web Mobile is a companion to Worldox GX2 that offers access to your firm's documents from any Internet browser or supported handheld device like BlackBerry, iPhone or Web enabled cell phones.

Worldox/Web Mobile requires the following infrastructure:

* Worldox GX or GX2
* Windows Server 2003 or 2008 running IIS
* Full time broadband internet connection
* Static IP address with a corresponding hostname
* A Windows XP or Windows Vista workstation to serve as a Worldox Proxy Server is highly recommended

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