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Product Training

The single most important element to using a software application is to receive proper training in the product. This is a point that is all too often overlooked, and is the reason why there is a very common saying in IT:

"....80% of users only use 20% of their software..."

That would be like purchasing a Ferrari and putting a speed limiter of 10kmh on it ...playing a footy game with only 4 players on the ground at a time ...surfing on a kickboard...you get the idea!

All to frequently we are contacted by a firm that is of the firm belief that their particular software system is ill suited to their needs or too hard to use. Product training frequently solves this issue.

User Training

Get the most out of your software investments with product training from OzDox. We specialise in classroom training for Worldox DMS, Amicus Attorney, PCLaw and Time Matters, and employee professional training techniques and technologies to ensure your staff understand and retain our material.

Moreover, our classes are conducted in an informal Q&A manner, as we have found that our vast experience in the use of these products in different firms around the world allows for discussion and solutions to issues that are particular to your firm.

Course syllabuses are based on the requirements of your firm, and what is relevant to your use of the product. We can conduct training at your facility, at a meeting facility or via a web based interface / conference call.

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.

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