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Technology Audits & Assessments

Does you firm have a technology plan or even a techology budget?

The objectives of a technology assessment are to help you understand:

- What you have
- The state of your current technology
- What you need to meet your firm's goals
- What problems exist
- Prioritizing Issues
- How to solve them

The audit is completed with the delivery of a comprehensive report outlining all of the issues along with detailed proposed solutions (the "Report"). The Report is written in plain English (avoiding techno-babble) with good explanations of what we recommend and why. The Report is the foundation upon which we'll help you develop a structured, proactive technology plan for your firm or legal department. Without a plan, most organizations and enterprise departments simply tread water (technologically speaking), and spend most of their time just putting out fires.

Our Technology Assessment includes an on-site, full evaluation of your hardware, software and workflow. As a key part of the information gathering, we conduct personal interviews of the key staff and support staff to help us understand how your office works, how current technology is being utilized, who is responsible for what and how the most common matter types are handled from start to finish.

We can then present your firm with a proposed technology plan for the next 3 to 5 years, which will allow your firm to budget for change.

For more information or to schedule an asssessment, please contact us.

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