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PDF Software

As a certified consultant for DocsCorp, OzDox recommends and implements the PDFDocs suite of products for paperless manipiluation and integration with document management and document workflow processes. As a robust and less expensive alternative to the traditioonal Adobe stable of products, PDFDocs has gained worldwide recognition and acceptance as a a leading solution is the area.

Integrates with your business applications, scanners and document management system to create, manage and share your business-critical documents as secure PDF documents.

OCR Server
Integrates with your scanners and multi function devices to capture and convert critical business information locked away in images files and paper documents to searchable PDF documents.


Provides your business with a forms solution that enhances processes and workflows. Forms can be viewed, edited, saved, digitally signed and distributed in as PDF forms—a format that is safe, secure and universal.


pdfDocs compareDocs uses the world’s leading document comparison technology to efficiently, effectively and accurately compare any two documents irrespective of document type.

Note that all PDF Products are compatible with the OZDox Worldox Document Management Solutions. This provides for a enhanced document manipulation, conversion and OCR'ed text indexing.

Contact us for more details or for a web based demonstration of the capabilitues of pdfDocs

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