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Legal Document Management

Some 3,5000 law firms and legal departments of every size and specialty use Worldox, making it one of the world’s top legal document management solutions. Worldox has earned virtually every key award in the legal technology field, from Law Office Computing’s Readers’ Choice Award to TechnoLawyer’s Favorite Document Management Solution; for four consecutive years, it has won Law Technology News’ award for Document Management.

Why have all of these customers and objective evaluators praised Worldox so highly? Why have many law firms abandoned competitive document management systems like OpenText and Autonomy/Imanage for a Worldox solution?

Here’s why:

  1. It simplifies control, management, and access: By allowing attorneys to instantly view any document or email associated with a specific client, matter, or project, Worldox dramatically improves attorney efficiency – and firm profitability.
  2. Worldox facilitates sharing: Worldox facilitates sharing amongst legal teams serving the same client or working on the same matter. The entire firm can leverage more value from forms, pleadings, and other documents that have already been created, even if the individuals who created those documents have left the firm.
  3. It is comprehensive document management – unlike practice management systems that have attempted to “bolt on” barebones document features. Worldox delivers far more flexibility and control. Firms can integrate all file access through a single interface, not just certain file types. They can organize valuable intellectual property in whatever way makes the most sense for their individual practices.
  4. It’s easy and focused on saving time. It’s intuitive for users, highly reliable, and exceptionally easy to manage on a day-to-day basis.
  5. It improves document security. It provides fine-grained security settings for individual documents, users, and groups, and also fully supports Microsoft Active Directory, closing off network “back doors” to your confidential data.
  6. World Software is a stable, reliable partner. For over 20 years, Worldox’s product research and development has been shaped by the needs of the legal community, our #1 market.

Integration with most Legal Software

Accounting Systems
Case Management
PCLaw / Law Library Thompson Elite MS Office 2002, 2003 & 2007
BHL Axxiom Amicus Attorney PE WordPerfect 10+
Juris Time Matters LawDocs
MYOB Affinity  
CaseAware CaseAware  
Locus Locus  


Converting from an exisiting DMS

OzDox offer conversion services for all other DMS systems into the Worldox environment. Click here for more information.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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