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Imaging Systems

Much more than the scanning hardware...an imaging system is the imager, ocr process, storage interface and document separation engines - all rolled together to act in symphony.

We assess the level and complexity of imagin required - paperless routing, back scanning (the transformation of archived records into digitally stored archives), centralised and decentralised scanning - and tailor a solution to fit the requirements of your firm.

We can assist you in the selection of your hardware soltuion (desktop, workgroup or mailroom), and then develop the best solution for your firm, based on our experience and expertise with the many solutions on the market, and your budget. We then train your staff on the whole process, and ensure that the process is streamlined.

Perhaps you need to have documents autmatically split at certain pages, then named based on the first line of text appearing on the first page - it can be done!

Worldox Inrterfaced Scanning Systems
OzDox has interfaced hundreds of imaging systems with the Worldox Document Management system. Some of the more popular interfaced systems are listed below:

Canon Capture Perfect 3.0 (twain imaging software for Canon desktop scanners with Worldox interfacing)

Sharp SymplifyScan (linked Worldox interface for Sharp Network Scanners)

Canon E-Copy Connector (linked Worldox interface for Canon Network Scanners)

Back Scanning - Outsourced vs. Inhouse
What to do with all those documents gathering dust in storage boxes in your archives? We can guide you through the process, and determine whehter it makes better business and fiscal sense to outsource the project, or tackle it within the firm.

Storage Projections
We can create disk storage projections based on the level of imaging your firm chooses to adopt, which in turn would be factored into your firm's technology plan.

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