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Financial Document Management Solutions

We provide a bespoke document management system for our financial and wealth management clients, by using the powerful and industry leading Worldox GX application with a front end interface customized especially for your company.

We can add on imaging and document collation and binding pieces, and then build a web based client access portal into the system. Communications via snail mail, email, voice mail or fax transmission can be moved directly into each customer record, and routed through the system.

We can provide integration with leading financial planning and CRM engines to give your company a totally rounded solution.

Hundreds of financial services companies have discovered that Worldox is singularly well-designed to serve their document management needs. Here’s why:

1. It can easily handle the highly complex and large-scale document filing requirements that many financial services organizations have – for instance, their extensive requirements for maintaining secure account-related paperwork, and the complex research associated with developing and selecting alternative investments.

2. It smoothly integrates with customer relationship/client management tools such as Junxure, helping organizations integrate document management into their workflows and processes, and respond to client questions more rapidly and effectively.

3. Its exceptional flexibility and customizability means it can be easily extended to new areas of the business, such as personnel files, business planning, project planning, accounting, and bill paying.

4. It’s an ideal partner for scanning systems. Many financial services firms perform extensive scanning. For example, they may scan signed application forms that must be stored electronically before being forwarded to broker/dealers or custodians. Worldox integrates with virtually any scanning solution, and its Quick Profile feature makes it possible to profile scanned documents far more quickly than most competitive systems. That translates into substantial ongoing labor cost reductions.

5. More broadly, it helps financial services organizations respond to the unprecedented cost pressures they face. For most, it costs far less than competitive solutions throughout its entire lifecycle, from acquisition to hardware requirements to day-to-day administration.

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