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OzDox ClientFAQ

What are your service rates and fees?
OzDox charges $165 per hour or part thereof (GST incl.) technical services, support and consultations. Onsite technical projects are generally quoted at a flat rate of $1650 per day.

Do you charge for travel costs and other incidentals?
We charge for automobile mileage for all onsite client visits quoted at a rate of 58.5 cents per kilometer for return travel from our office. We also pass along any parking costs and tolls.

For more distance travel, actual airfares, rental car, taxi charges, and hotel accommodation are passed onto the client. A $65 per day per diem charge is added for every contiguous overnight stay required to a project.

How are we invoiced for our services?
Project Work:
Technical projects are generally covered by "Project Estimate" engagement contract, that details all anticipated costs to complete a project. Work of this type requires a 50% deposit on all anticipated project services, and 100% payment on all hardware and software products prior to commencement of work (these monies are kept in Escrow, and only used as work and products are purchased).

At the completion of the project, we will produce a final invoice for the remanding outstanding charges. We will always endeavour to communicate any potential cost overruns as soon as we notice them.

Technical Support & Services: These services are billed hourly, and are invoiced at the completion of every calendar month. All Invoices are due upon receipt, and any balances older than 30 days will 18% per annum incur financing charges.

What are our payment options?
We accept cash, cheque, credit cards and Paypal as accepted payment methods. For payment by credit card and Paypal, please visit our Payment Portal to process these transactions online, or call use directly for over the phone payment.

For larger project work (those projects totaling $25k or more in estimated costs), we can arrange for a leasing plan. This is better was to spread the cost of a project across several years. Please contact us for details.

Australian GST
All software products, hardware systems and consultant services billed by OzDox to Australian firms are GST inclusive. Our monthly tax invoices feature:
• Our ABN
• The amount of GST applied to this invoice
• The total amount due including GST
• Travel costs reimbursable are not GST inclusive.

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