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FAQ - Technical Support

All client support services are billed at $165 per hour (incl. GST) or part thereof, and invoiced monthly.

For mission critical 24hr/7day support or issues requiring prompt attention please contact our support line on (03) 9018-5281. Generally, these services are rendered via our remote support services system.


For matters that do not require immediate remote support, please submit a support ticker via our support ticket system, and your issue will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Please note that technical support services can only be administered to clients who have signed and submitted an "Engagement of Services" contract and a "Confidentiality Agreement" with Bray Consulting.

Call (03) 9018-5281 for immediate technical support or our after hours paging service.

Optionally, you can email support questions to support@ozdox.com.au

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