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Amicus Attorney Patches & Updates
Amicus Attorney 2008 PE SP1 R03 (SP1 R3 patch specifically addresses memory leak issues manifested by slow response times)

Imaging Software
Canon Capture Perfect 3.0 (twain imaging software with batch scanning and ocr processes included)

PCLaw patches, templates and enhancements
PCLaw cheque template (created by us and used for standard laser check stationery)
PCLaw Mailing Label AV6241 (created by us and used for Avery 6241 Mailing Labels)
PCLaw V9 Data Import Module (CIC supported data import module for PCLaw installations)

Utility Software
Macro Express (arguable one of the most useful tools for low level data manipulation and repetitice tasking
Treesize Pro (great utility for compiling file lists and creating directory import tables
Click Yes
(used to get around that annoying message that pops up when a non-certified products tries to access Outlook data)

Worldox patches, templates and add-ons
Word2007 Updated footer macro that removes the parenthesis "{}" from the Worldox document footer stamp
Filestamp This is an enhanced footer stamp that will not stamp certain document types
Juris Link API that links version 2.01 of Juris with Worldox GX
PDF Convertor This is a connector that aqllows users to seamlessy publish PDFs and email PDF attachments from Worldox (comes with it's own PDF engine)
Worldox Applets Link to Entergel's download site for the Worldox wdAlert, wdTimer and wdReminder addin modules
Worldox ScanSnap Connector Link to Entergel's Fujitsu Scansnap connector for Worldox - scan directly to Worldox

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