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Corporate Counsel & Legal Departments

Worldox has become a leading document management system for use within corporate legal departments around the globe.

The high level security built into Worldox means that your departmental documents are isolated and segregated from your company' document repositories - optionally, even your email is managed inside Worldox and no longer present the company email servers.

Records Management - Sharing Content

Worldox features a unique records management feature that allows your legal department to publish specified documents to location, intranet or CRM systems outside of your department network.

Keep Your IT Department Happy!

Worldox low maintenance requirements mean that your IT department won't have to dedicate addtional hardware and resources to support your system. Worldox is known in the industry as a "Set & Forget" software system.


Keep Documents Available Anywhere In The Worldox

Using the Worldox Web Mobile IIS modile - your office can access documents via web browsers, smart phones or I-Pads - from anywhere in the world. Safe, secure and using the same slick user interface that our terrestrial customers have come to love.

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