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Document Management for Accounting Firms

A true paperless platform for the Accounting Profressional!

Using the Worldox DMS platform, OzDox has developed a document management system that efficiently organises scanned images, spreadsheets, word processor documents and email correspondence.

You will have instant access to your client records, administartice documents - in fact every piece of work product will be stored within our systems - inclusinf report output from your accouting softwart (and the software used by your clients!). This allows for indexed searching based on document metadata or the atcual text within the documents.

Internet Access To Your Documents
Adding in our IIS component, we build a web based portal for you or your clients to access documents through any web browser...documents can be viewed, downloaded, uploaded and searched - all tightly controlled by our group security settings. Firms typically uses this component as a value added feature for clients to keep up on their financial statements, budgets and other documents, and usually accessed through a security portal on your exisiting website.

Blackberry Access!
You can now search, vew and forward those documents stored within the Worldox system from your Blackberry, I-Phone, Windows Mobile device or any smart phone capable of accessign the internet.

Remote Offices and Access
Our system runs and is fully supported under the stanrd thin client remote access systems (Citrix, RDP, OWA). If your satellite office requires documnets stored locally, we setup a true Worldox WAN environment, linking multiple document repsoitories together for full cross domain searching and access.

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