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GW Bray Consulting
About Us

In late 2008, the 3 year old firm of GW Bray Consulting incorporated and formed OzDox Pty Ltd, specialising in document management systems (DMS) for Australian professional firms.

Our philosophy is to bring together all elements of DMS:

  • Imaging Systems
  • Email Management
  • Internal Documents
  • Document Workflow

We differ from other document managament solutions because we look at the big picture of Document Management...your requirements will differ from those for any other firm, so we build a customized solution for your firm.

Managing partner, Gregory Bray, works with the renowned North American consulting firms of InTouch Legal* and the Affinity Consulting Group, and has implemented document management and technology solutions in over 600 private companies, law firms, small businesses and government departments throughout the world.

Working out of our Melbourne offices in Vermont, we implement DMS, train users and support installations throughout Australasia.

We bring to Australian businesses the same tools and methodology that we have applied in hundreds of firms in North America and the Caribbean, with the aim of increasing productivity and streamlining processes.

Corporate Motto: "Our success can only follow the success of our clients"

*Both InTouch and it's parent organisation, Affinity Consulting Group, are internationally recognized for their excellence in the fields of law office technologies.


Remote Support & Demonstrations
We offer online product demonstrations and remote web-based technical support, so that even the most remote business is able to receive our full services.
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